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Defy Gravity




It’s On Us: 

To RECOGNIZE that non-consensual sex is sexual assault.

To IDENTIFY situations in which sexual assault may occur.

To INTERVENE in situations where consent has not or cannot be given.

To CREATE an environment in which sexual assault is unacceptable and survivors are supported.

It’s On Us

Not Alone

hold up

a celebrity filled, gender-neutral, anti-sexual assault PSA?

and this isn’t a BuzzFeed parody?

I think I feel my heart growing three sizes

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There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a person being themselves. Imagine going through your day being unapologetically you. - Steve Maraboli (via exoticwild)

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somebody said it

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When friend is clearly upset but they don’t wanna talk about it but you wanna help but don’t know how and you just kinda


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